Our Needs


Here is a list of our most immediate and urgent needs.


   Since the focus of Goff Ministries is to reach the untouched people of the world, we travel into very remote and dangerous places.  So, our greatest need is always the need for constant prayer for our safety and our spiritual strength to face the obstacles that Satan may put in our way and for us to conquer Satan's strongholds and set his captives free.  We implore all of you in the Body of Christ to pray continually for the success of our mission.

   We also have physical needs that need to be met in order for us to travel and reach the lost people of the world.  This is a list of our specific physical needs.  We trust the Lord to supply all of these needs through His Body, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  We believe in letting the Body of Christ know what our needs are and we trust the Lord to speak to the heart of the those who have the means to donate.  Here is a list of our most urgent physical needs.









Monthly Supporters

In the last three years Goff Ministries has lost 80% of it's monthly support due to the bad economy and the death of most of our top supporters who have gone on to glory and their great reward.  While we have made every effort to conserve and stretch every penny, at this time Goff Ministries is not receiving enough support each month to cover our minimum monthly bills. We ask that you pray to seek the Lord about becoming one of our monthly supporters.







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