The World Don't Know This Jesus


The World Don't Know This Jesus

At long last the the first volume of the amazing life story of Larry Goff has finally arrived.   There is no question that Larry's life is one of the most unique life stories to ever be told, and now you can read it for your very self.  This book will inspire you and challenge you.  It will show what God can do through a person who dares to truly believe in Him. 

It is Larry's desire that this book should reach the far corners of the earth for the Glory of God.  He wants this book to get in the hands of both Christians and non-Christians alike.  To make the book available to the widest possible audience, we have published it on in paperback and eBook formats.  An audio book version will be coming soon.   This book was not written to make money.  All proceeds from this book are going back into the ministry and to purchasing books to be given to those who cannot afford to purchase one.  Over one thousand books have already been given away for free!





HOW to get a COPY?


You can get a copy by buying one on (Click on the Amazon logos above)

Every paperback sold enables us to buy one copy at our publishers price to give away.  Also, every paperback comes with a free copy of the eBook and eBook copies can be shared with others for free!

You can also order a copy from us directly by sending an email to:  Please include your Name and Address when ordering.  Although we do not charge for books ordered directly from us, we would very much appreciate it if you would consider making a donation to cover the cost and shipping of the book, to make it possible for us to continue to make this book available at no cost to those that cannot afford one. 


Click the button below to make a special online donation towards the book.







You can also mail donations to:    

Goff Ministries, Inc
255 Ranger Dr
Sandia, TX 78383



HOW can you HELP?


  1. Read the book!

  2. Tell others about it!

  3. Make a book review on   Click the Button to make a review. (P.S. You do not need to buy the book on Amazon to make a review)

  4. Set up a book signing!  Set one up in your home or church.

  5. Give one as a gift to someone else!

  6. Ask your local Christian radio station to read the book and have Larry on to talk about the book!




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The World Don't Know This JESUS


The Amazing Life Story of Larry Goff


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